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Isabella Steindl

  • Figuration, Kubismus, Rot, Bunt
  • Weiß, Acrylmalerei, Rot, Malerei
  • Figuration, Bekannt, Kubismus, Figur
  • Farben, Acrylmalerei, Surreal, Akt
  • Rot, Bekannt, Figuration, Akt

from Graz, Austria

About me

ISABELLA STEINDL, born 1981 as a daughter of a Zypra and a UNO_Soldaten, lives and works in Graz, Austria.

Her pictures are in private collections in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany.

In her autobiographical, self-reflective approach, Isabella Steindl's art focuses on figurative details that leave much room for interpretation. The borderline between abstraction and reality is blurred - the open spaces created in this way open up new perspectives and offer, inter alia, an interpretive approach to the perception of gender relations: women sometimes become men or vice versa or even eerie-looking hermaphrodites always form a fluid entity despite everything.

Characteristic of Isabella Steindl's art is a complex linearity that generates its own dynamics in the flow of movement.

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