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Ingrid Stiehler

  • Film, Schnapsdrossel, Blau, Stern
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  • Menschen, Gesellschaft, Unterschied, Blau

from Dorsten, Germany

About me

My intensive work in art I began with landscape photography , when I studied at the academy of administration and business in NRW (Germany).

Inspired by the different trends of the cultures of Asia, Africa and North America, I combined new impressions and traditional techniques learned in many journeys. My approach is, to learn by doing; my endeavor was always to find an individual style in this way and to create aesthetic and decorative objects, linked with a positive message.

The preferential materials for my artwork are silk, gypsum, bronze, wood, acrylic and not least silver.

Group Shows:
Art Fair NRW
05.06. - 06.06. 2010 Duisburg (Germany)

(Las Vegas, USA)
Show of the 'Intern. Contemporary Master 2009'
20.Febr. 2010 - 01.April 2010

Biennale of Chianciano 2009 (Italy)
11.09. - 27.09.2009

Galerie Gora, Montreal (QB, Canada)
7th to the 25th of July 2009

Artexpo NY 2009 (USA) 26.02.- 02.03.09 im Rahmen des
New European Art-Programms von Galerie Artodrome

MiniMini Tempe, Arizona, USA
March/April 2009

„Das kleine Format“ Galerie Artodrome
15. – 30.11.2008 (Forchheim, Germany)

Marler Kunststern 2008 (Germany)
06.11. - 07.12.2008

Camden Art Gallery, 25TH 26TH OCTOBER 2008 Paris (France)

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (USA)
SNAP TO GRID - October 9-November 1, 2008

The Hague Red Cross Summer Exhibition
7th of June to 5th of July 2008 Den Haag (Netherlands)

Camden Town, London (UK)
05. - 25. 07.2008

May 16 - May 31, 2008, New York (USA)

International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art
01. - 09.12.2007 Florence (Italy)


About My Art:
Hi, dear friends of fine art!
Allow me to emphasize strongly, that you will find in my artworks no criticism against an ethnical group, a special Government, a religion or an religious affiliation - maybe you will find a criticism against people (where ever they live), who are unfair against other creatures or our nature... - and that's intended!

I hope you will enjoy, be welcome!

Simone Cappa (NY Arts Magazine November/December 2008, vol 13, No 11/12 ):

Ingrid Stiehler’s alluring paintings are notable for their bright palette, reduced imagery and flat areas of seductive color. Stiehler, who is based in Germany, is clearly attracted to attitudes and situations that provoke an extreme visceral answer, she is interested in developing and capturing the potency of the paint verses the subject—which is exactly what the paintings on display do. They hold up a mirror to both the banality of urban life and solitude of glamour, giving order to the barrage of mass media images and information that confront us daily. In Stiehler’s fairyland, enchantment and disenchantment coexist. These paintings are really vanitas, made from uninflected slicks of bright glossy paint—giving them a hermetically sealed, impenetrable perfection. While Stiehler’s paintings have always emphasized their luscious surfaces and simplified forms, Modern Times and As Long As The World Goes On display a strong melancholic beauty.
Retaining the surface quality and the flat economic language, the works on
display in Play highlight a subject matter broadened
to incorporate dramatic imagery.

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