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Jesús Meco

  • Prinzessin, Ölmalerei, Rot, Velázquez
  • Landschaft, Collage, Ukiyo, Japan
  • Japan, Geisha, Ölmalerei, Ukiyo
  • Ukiyo, Portrait, Japan, Collage
  • Geisha, Portrait, Collage, Ukiyo
  • Geisha, Portrait oil ukiyo, Japan, Malerei
  • Japan, Portrait oil ukiyo, Geisha, Malerei
  • Portrait collage ukiyo, Japan, Geisha, Mischtechnik
  • Portrait collage ukiyo, Japan, Geisha, Mischtechnik
  • Geisha, Portrait oil ukiyo, Japan, Malerei
  • Geisha, Portrait oil ukiyo, Japan, Malerei
  • Geisha, Portrait oil ukiyo, Japan, Malerei
  • E japan, Collage mixed ukiyo, Western
  • Modigliani, Mädchen, Collage, Mischtechnik
  • Orion nebula assemblage, Malerei, 2011
  • Leine, Ölmalerei, Konzept, Augen
  • Escapism, Collage, Ölmalerei, Hermetic
  • London, Rot, Grün, Punkies
  • Universum, Impressionismus, Orange, Ölmalerei
  • Sonne, Meer, Spanien, Wellenbrecher
  • Jazz, The downbeat club, Smooth jazz, Trompete
  • Trompete, Kohlezeichnung, New york city, Carnegie hall
  • Incubo, Reciklart, Schwarz, Informalism
  • Reciklart, Zusammenstellung, Informalism, Licht
  • Zusammenstellung, Informalism, Krise, Spaces
  • Spaces, Acrylmalerei, Ölmalerei, Reciklart
  • Acrylmalerei, Schwarz, Ölmalerei, Spaces
  • Acrylmalerei, Orange, Ölmalerei, Rot
  • Schwarz, Spaces, Reciklart, Assemblage
  • Kreation, Division, Paradies, Alchemie
  • Joy division, Pleasures, Unknown pleasures, Rot
  • Gelb, Hermetic, Kreation, Division
  • Kreation, Pleasures, Division, Unknown pleasures
  • Unknown pleasures, Orange, Gelb, Collage
  • Religion, Blau, Hermetic, Alchemie

from Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

About me

Meko (1967)
Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo. Spain)
The timelessness and the image matter as the axis of the visual experience determines the artistic production of Meko. Timelessness, image and matter in a work whose path runs from the Concept Art and Art materic between the colorful and informalist commitment and the constant pursuit for reinvention.
Meko techniques used pigments mixed with traditional art materials as sand, fabric, straw, rope, etc.., with predominance of collage and assemblage, and a textured close to relief. Use the technical mystification and use of heterogeneous materials, often waste or recycling, mixed with traditional materials art looking for a new language of artistic expression. Apply its mixture of various materials in compositions that take the consistency of walls or walls, which added several distinctive elements. Images that reflect a concern for human problems: disease, death, loneliness, pain and sex. Tone akin to existentialism says the tragic destiny of man, but also claims a freedom, the importance of the individual, his capacity to act against life, ultimately free search of knowledge.



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