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  • Wende, Gold, Wirkung, Muster
  • Zufall, Surreal, Dynamik, Schicht
  • Fantasie, Overlap, Ring, Symmetrie
  • Textur, Digital, Linie, Schatten
  • Dynamik, Textur, Grün, Geometrie
  • Destination, Fluss, Snippet, Wende
  • Dynamik, Drehung, Spirale, Massiv
  • Mischung, Mix, Zufall, Black white
  • Dynamik, Metall, Stilisieren, Design
  • Spirale, Braun, Metall, Surreal
  • Ausdehnung, Textur, Design, Abstrakt
  • Textured, Welt, Fortbewegung, Drehung
  • Stein, Textur, Volute, Formen
  • Drehung, Bold colors, Digital, Anziehung
  • Exot, Mysterium, Tunnel, Abstrakt

from Germany

About me

Anything can be art in some way or another ... after observing I have to bring my contribution. I don’t make a conscious decision what to do, just see where the journey takes me. I am mainly interested in doing perspective constructivism. At the same time searching to extend my understanding of shape and light. I do not set targets, because I know that the possibilities of presentation are infinite ...

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