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  • Ghenadie sontu, Beloved, Mendelssohn story, Love story
  • Vollkommen, Geschichte, Realismus, Still life stories
  • Moonlight sonata, Geschichte, Liebe, Malerei
  • Rhapsody, Gift, Ölmalerei, Liebe
  • Love story, Ölmalerei, Still life stories, Ghenadie sontu
  • Lovebirds, Art from moldova, Ghenadie sontu, Geschichte
  • Ghenadie sontu, Geschichte, Ölmalerei, Moldova arts
  • Ghenadie sontu, Brief, Beloved, Moldova fine art
  • Geschichte, Liebe, Ghenadie sontu, Stillleben
  • Leben, Gemälde, Gift, Kind
  • Geschichte, Vollkommen, Engagement, Gemälde
  • Ghenadie sontu, The secret, Stillleben, Moldova

from Chisinau, Moldova, Germany

About me

Born: December 16, 1979, Republic of Moldova
2011 – 2013. DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., USA
1999 - 2005. Academy of Theater, Music and Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, Chisinau, Moldova
2001 - 2003. Invisible College of Moldova, Laboratory of Philosophy, Anthropology and Culturology
1992 - 1999. Republican Art Lyceum “I. Vieru”, Chisinau, Moldova

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