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    Become a sponsor member and receive the following benefits and extras:
    ➕ ad-free experience

    No ads for you when you are logged in.

    ➕ No more ads on your profile

    Get an ad-free presentation of your profile page and full-size views - completely free of annoying ads for guests and members. Example: and, free from any advertisements.

    ➕ Voluntary tagging

    You can decide for yourself whether you categorize and tag your images.

    ➕ Request function

    The request function for your uploaded images remains activated even if you log in irregularly. And you can link your homepage with this function.

    ➕ Blocking-function

    The blocking function, which used to be the ignore function and was called that way, starts again but only for sponsors.

    ➕ Mention as a sponsor

    You will, of course, be mentioned on this page if you wish!

    ✔️ A checkmark!

    But you don't have to activate it.
    Example: Benutzername

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    If you decide to subscribe, you will actively contribute to keeping our platform running and developing it further. You need an account on to access these benefits. You can establish the connection to Steady at any time by visiting Edit profile to connect to Steady.

    Questions and Answers

    What is Steady?

    Steady is a payment service provider based in Berlin, specializing in websites with sponsor memberships. Steady is often referred to as the German equivalent of Patreon.

    Why is Steady offered?

    Steady is offered to facilitate payment processing for sponsor memberships on Through the collaboration with Steady, secure and professional management of payment information can be ensured.

    What payment methods are available?

    You can find more detailed information about the accepted payment methods on the Steady platform. There, you can choose from various payment methods such as credit cards, direct debit, or PayPal.

    What information does Kunstnet store about me?

    Kunstnet only stores the status of your sponsor membership, whether you are a sponsor or not. All data you provide during the payment process through Steady is not stored by

    How do I link my existing sponsor membership with Kunstnet?

    Under Edit Profile. You need to have a Kunstnet account for this and log in for this.

    What is contentpass? Do I need both?

    No, you only need one of the two for ad-free experience. With a em contentpass subscription, you can visit Kunstnet and other websites without ads, but it does not offer any additional benefits beyond that.

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