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Digital Art

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from Amsterdam, Netherlands

About me

Immo Jalass
Born 1938 in Hamburg, Germany. Autodidact (self taught).
1962 Bauzentrum Hamburg, Esplanade – Drawings and Oilpaintings
1963 Gallery in Dordrecht, Netherlands – Drawings
1965 Galerie Bürdeke, Zürich, Schweiz – Oilpaintings
1966 Galerie Ivan Spence, Ibiza, Spain – Oilpaintings
1968 Kunstcentrum T’Venster, Rotterdam - Acrylpaintings
1969 Galerie Mickery, Loenersloot, Netherlands – object and project
1969 Galerie Seriaal, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Serials
1969 Participating the 6th Atelier-Exposition Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam (see museumjournal)
1969 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Participating Groupexposition ”Op losse schroeven” – Objects and Projects
1970 until 1999 Yoga.
Since 2000 I am working on the computer (digital art)
2010 5 januari t/m 31 maart Vijzelgracht 45, printings en sculptures
2010 10 januari t/m 30 januari 2010 groupexposition Galerie Plein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam
9 mei t/m 30 mei 2010 soloexposition printings and sculptures, Galerie Plein 7, Da Costaplein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam, Tel.: 020-6183388
2011 March 26th - April 16th, "Distorted Cities to Rob and Lie"
RadaЯ - Architecture & Art
Amsterdam, Rozengracht 77 A
exposition Immo Jalass, March 26th - April 16th 2011
Opening: March 26th, 17h
Exposition overview
2011 August 12th - August 27th, "Summer on a soliary beach"
inbetween in the following Internetgalleries:
NewMasterArtists - With some backgroundinformation for several of my computerpaintings
The jpg files can be printed in any technical possible size and / or manner on all possible materials without loss in form or color.


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