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  • Gälisch /Gaidhlig

  • Martina Bedregal Calderón
    Martina Bedregal Calderón Gälisch /Gaidhlig
    In our hearts we carry the mother tongue,
    Sweet language in which our mothers sung
    Long time ago when we were young
    On the land between sky and sea.

    To crowded cities and far away places
    We were pushed and driven by this life´s races
    Until we almost lost our traces
    Between contempt and hypocracy.

    Is it not our given and natural right
    To uphold with love and all our might
    And with melodies and words to fight
    For the language of childhood and youth?

    So we sing with tenderness and with pride
    For the island people, the yearning inside,
    To fill the hearts with joy and delight
    And the sweetness of hope and truth.

    (Ich schreibe Gedichte am liebsten auf Englisch oder Gälisch, da kann ich mich besser ausdrücken...)
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