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  • \"Drip\"

  • Gast, 1 \"Drip\"
    "Drip" - written and directed by Karl Glozier (†2009)

    I met him and his friend Christian 2008 in "Koh Phangan" and we had a
    good time there.
    It´s great to see his movie again,
    it helps to remind him and never forget...

    It was a hard time for everyone, I´ll hope that many people could see his movies!!!
  • wolle_das_wo
    schöner melancholischer Film
  • Grauton
    Tricky und die Musik erinnert an Massive Attack!
  • Majestix
    Sehr guter Film!
  • Gast, 1
    Ich finde die Szene mit dem Tropfen auf der Wange des Mannes gut gelungen.
    (1:11 - 1:22 Min)
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