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  • Looking for a gallery in Berlin...

  • Niklas Pix Bodin
    Niklas Pix Bodin Looking for a gallery in Berlin...
    Hi there! Does anyone know a gallery in Berlin where my art could suit?

  • R_T
    R_T why berlin
    whats your reason for?
  • Niklas Pix Bodin
    Niklas Pix Bodin Why not Berlin?
    I would like to go there, that is the reason, but other galleries are interesting as well. I will go to Berlin anyhow...

  • Gris 030
    Gris 030
    lets search a leerstehing flat in kreuzberg, hang our pictures on the siffy walls and invite some guests :)
  • xylo
    Greenpoint for Stechmücke grins2
  • R_T
    @ Pix

    then good luck in germanys Möchtegernweltstadt
  • Gast, 5
    google can do everything but high-german.

    (It's an action a bit stale and strange
    to come along using google-german to com-
    municate with on a german-speaking forum.
    If you let this machine translate what some
    members wrote on here, you will discover
    what dAda really means. If your english is
    man.steered have a try with this instead.)
  • Niklas Pix Bodin
    Niklas Pix Bodin Thank you! Luck is needed in any stadt!
    I have other plans for this year though...but next year...
  • Niklas Pix Bodin
    Niklas Pix Bodin
    @ Kurschiller

    Yes, that's why I prefer English....even though I find dada amusing!
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