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  • The symbolism in Neo Cave Painting

  • andreabenetti
    andreabenetti The symbolism in Neo Cave Painting

    TITLE OF PAINTING EXHIBITION: “The symbolism in Neo Cave Painting”
    ARTIST: Andrea Benetti
    WORKS: 42 selected works 2008/12
    CURATED BY: Dario Scarfì, Gregorio Rossi e Sabrina Collina
    PLACE: Montevergini – Siracusa Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art
    SUPPORTED BY: Regione Siciliana, Provincia di Siracusa, Comune di Siracusa, Friends of the Johns Hopkins University, Istituto Europeo Pegaso, M.A.C.I.A. Museum of Contemporary Italian Art of America
    ADDRESS: via Santa Lucia alla Badia 11 – Siracusa (Ortigia)
    SHOW OPENING: monday August 13 > 18,30
    The works will be on display from August 13 to September 16, 2012
    OPENING: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 > 13:00 and 16:00 > 20:00 - Free entrance
    INFORMATION: tel. +39 338 9290128 - +39 931 24902
    WEB SITES: 🔗
    CATALOGUE: “The symbolism in Neo Cave Painting” curated by Dario Scarfì, Sabrina Collina e Gregorio Rossi – MediaBrain Edizioni – 92 pagine - click here to see the catalogue on line
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    So'ne Höhle kriegt man ja bei den großen
    onlinenenen Kunstbedarfshändlern - aber
    muß ich die auch grundieren ?? Und wenn
    ich fertig habe, muß ich das irgendwie
    schützen, mit Lack ??

    Eine Notiz am Rande: ich würde auf
    den service einer Übersetzung der
    site in allerlei Sprachen, die ich
    selbst nicht spreche, verzichten.
    Die deutsche Übersetzung, die die
    Krake da liefert schaufelt Spott

    A random note: I'd think about using
    the services that translate a site,
    a page one more time. Especially if
    aimed at language(s) one is not capable
    of. The german result google provides
    is a harbour of unintended jokes...
  • andreabenetti
    andreabenetti Sei un artista?
    Cosa fai nella vita? Dai, fai il bravo, togliti di torno e lascia lavorare i professionisti.
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    andreabenetti Chi sei?
    Bambino non molestare gli adulti e vai a giocare...
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