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  • Tanz vorstellung - matanicola vs. yasmeen godder

  • matanicola Tanz vorstellung - matanicola vs. yasmeen godder
    matanicola vs. yasmeen godder

    Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstr. 3, Berlin-Mitte
    Premiere 04.08.2005 21 Uhr
    05. - 07. & 11. - 14.08.2005 21 Uhr

    Grand Theatre Groningen - Noorderzon Festival
    23.-25.08.2005 20:30 Uhr

    Regie/Choreografie # 1 > Nicola Mascia & Matan Zamir
    Regie/Choreografie # 2 > Yasmeen Godder
    Tanz > Nicola Mascia, Matan Zamir
    Musik > Tal Hadad
    Bühne > Heike van Bentum
    Kostüme > Beate Borrmann
    Licht > Thorsten Schneider
    Produktionsleitung/Regieassistenz > Francesca Noia
    Kostümassistenz > Maximilian Brauer
    Regiehospitanz > Sebastiano Ferrigni

    Kartenreservierung > 030 28 35 266 mailto:karten@sophiensaele.com
    Kontakt > mailto:matanicola@hotmail.com

    "under" ist eine Produktion von matanicola in Koproduktion mit SW&G Sasha Waltz & Guests,
    Grand Theatre Groningen und Sophiensæle, Berlin. In Kooperation mit Kulturbüro Sophien.
    Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von der European Association for Jewish Culture, der Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence), der Botschaft des Staates Israel, Berlin, der Französischen Botschaft, Berlin und der Sylvania Lighting International.


    Nicola Mascia aus Italien und Matan Zamir aus Israel sind "matanicola". Die beiden Tänzer trafen in Berlin aufeinander, wo sie seit Jahren mit Sasha Waltz arbeiten. In ihrem ersten abendfüllenden Stück "under" begeben sie sich gemeinsam mit der israelischen Choreografin Yasmeen Godder auf die Suche nach all den Widersprüchen und Gemeinsamkeiten ihrer kulturellen und religiösen Herkunft. Wer oder was bestimmt, wer wir sind? Wie beeinflusst die Fremdwahrnehmung unsere eigene Sicht auf unser Selbst? Lösen wir uns von unserer Persönlichkeit, löschen wir unsere Identitäten, entkleiden wir uns unserer Haut, um neu zu definieren, wer wir sind.

    **********English version****************************

    One evening. Two parts. One couple.

    The Italian dancer and choreographer Nicola Mascia and the Israeli Matan Zamir are
    "matanicola". The two met one another in Berlin, where they work since years with Sasha Waltz. For their first work together "under", they decided to invite the Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder to join them create a full length evening divided in two parts. An internal and an external point of view on a real/non real couple versus each other.

    #1 matanicola
    Exploring the idea of creating a common identity.
    Confronting contradictions and similarities of our cultural and religious backgrounds.
    Playing with the perception of intimacy and genders expectation.
    Hiding behind acquired behaviors, stereotyped gestures, and obsessive movements.
    Who and what is defining who we are? How does someone else's view influence our self-perception? How does our body carry a memory of identity?
    Strip ourselves from our personality, erase our identity, undress from our skin to redefine who we are.
    #2 yasmeen godder
    Transformation of one's identity as a way of communicating in a relationship. How the play of different "identities" and different "characteristics" of oneself, becomes a way of communicating in a couple. Exploring interior worlds that are made up of strings of private and national identity, played out in shifting social and cultural connotations. Ultimately, how these "symbols" of one self play a deeper role in the most intimate communication of a couple.

    Nicola Mascia
    was born in 1975 in Turin, Italy.
    He started dancing at the age of five, first studying ballet with Loredana Furno, then continuing with jazz and contemporary dance in Turin and Rome. While living in Italy he worked with the choreographers Claudia Bruni, Massimo Leanti and the company Amadossalto.
    In 1995 he spent the summer in Los Angeles where he trained at Joe Tremaine Dance Center.
    Since 1996 he has been living in Berlin, working with Sasha Waltz and has been involved as creating performer in her productions "Allee der Kosmonauten", "Zweiland", "Na Zemlje", "Dialoge ´99/I and II" and "17-25/4 [Dialoge 2001]". His collaboration includes several performances in her improvisation project "Dialogues" presented during “Le Vif du sujet” Festival D'Avignon 2000, “Les Grandes Traversees n.3” Bourdeaux 2003, “Presq'iles” Paris 2004, “Montpellierdance 04” and “Tanz im August” Berlin 2004.
    In Berlin he worked as well with various artists such as Constanza Macras, Junko Wada, Hanayo,Takako Suzuki, Yuko Kaseki, Christina Paulhofer, Sharon Paz and performed in the dance film "Elements of mine" directed by Norbert Servos and Khaled El-Hagar.
    His own work includes "No more cookies for you, sir!" a video installation in collaboration with Sampson Zaharkiv, presented during the Choreographenwerkstatt 2001 at the Schaubühne am Lehniner platz, Berlin. Here he was involved in projects by Emio Greco/PC and Benoit Lachambre and currently dances in the choreographies "Zweiland", "Körper", "S", "noBody" and "insideout" by Sasha Waltz.

    Matan Zamir
    was born in 1977 in Israel. Grew up in Kibbutz Rosh-Hanikra.
    Started dancing in 1985 first in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance School and later on at
    Bat-Dor Dance School.
    In 1996 moved to Tel Aviv, joined the Ensemble Bat-Sheva and than Bat-Sheva Dance Company where he worked with several choreographers such as Noa Dar, Lara Barsaq, Itzik Galili, Ohad Naharin, Joaquin Sabate, Linda Gaudreau, Frederic Lascour and performed in works of Angelin Preljocaj and Jiri Kilian amongst others.
    Worked with theatre directors Omri Nitzan (New Israeli Opera), Itzik Weingerten (Habima) and Avshalom Polak and choreographers Yasmeen Godder, Inbal Pinto, Amit Goldenberg/Yaara Dolev and Rami Be’er.
    Since 2002 lives in Berlin and has been working with Sasha Waltz, Benoit Lachambre, Junko Wada, Hanayo and Sharon Paz amongst others.

    Yasmeen Godder
    lives and works both in Israel and New York, and has been creating and presenting work since 1997. For the past three years she has created the full evening length works: “Hall” (2001), “Sudden Birds” (2002) and “Two Playful Pink” (2003) and is currently working on a new work which will premiere in November 2004 at the Suzanne Dellal Center of dance in Tel-Aviv. She has been awarded a NY Dance and Performance Bessie Award for the presentation of her work “I Feel Funny Today” in 2001 as part of the Split Stream Series at DTW. Her work has been presented regularly at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel-Aviv and in NYC she has been commissioned by DTW, the Kitchen, Dancing in the Streets and more. Godder was a movement research artist in residence 1999-2000, she is a recipient of NYFA Fellowship in 2000, and has received the Israeli Ministry of Cultural Affairs, prestigious “Choreographer Award” for the year 2001.
    Her work has been presented throughout Europe and the US. Most recently, “Two Playful Pink” has toured to the Whitney Museum, France, Croatia, Italy and to Berlin (HAU2) during the festival Tanz im August 2004.
    Upcoming tours include Hungary, USA and Germany.


    Sophiensaele - UNDER
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