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  • English speaking artist in WIen:

  • newnew22 English speaking artist in WIen:
    Hey, I hope you are all staying sane and healthy during these strange times.

    Please offer some logical advice to a non-established artist in Wien:

    I paint and have sold commission works to friends so far, nothing big (yet! I'm hopeful...)

    I wanted to reach out to legal offices, private doctors' offices, large banks, high-end restaurants to appeal to any of them who would be interested in displaying an artwork (as it's where art is displayed and where people who spend more frequent, I guess).

    Is it a crazy idea, or how could I go about it? Is e-mail the first and best approach with photos of my artwork or personal contact?

    I have a huge portfolio of sketches and few canvas paintings (including 2 large canvasses) to personally show, if that matters at all.

    I know in this economy it's prob an insane idea and I'm not thinking about doing this any time soon, but I am interested in broadening my options, thanks!
  • Roderich
    There are a lot of artist trying to exhibit their works the way you're going for. the works speak for them self, if they are really good, they'll find their place and audience. Of course it will be more easy when you're good speaker, sometimes the right speech sell anything to the weak minded, but when it goes a long way the quality is the key.
    Writing a e-mail with a picture of your work attached would be a good approach in my eyes. A personal contact would be my next step. If you are a good speaker and you enjoy it personal, go this direction first. It's all up to you, when you feel comfortable and your artworks are good enough the success will come.
    Best of luck to you.
    Gezeichnet der mondäne Herr Roderich.
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