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Gemälde, Meditation, Malerei


  • Uploaded by Marika Bäumler

    All paintings and sculptures express the experience of the transcendental aspect of life – which is very different of the new age esoterism.
    Art comes from the superconscious, not as a result of the mind. The intuitive aspect dominates the creation and the artist, as a medium/mediator, makes his individual talent, feeling and technique available for the inspiration. When the undefined gets his final form the spectator can take part of it – on condition that he has learned to melt together with the art form.

TitleThe Blue Pearl
Material, TechniqueOil on panel
Dimension 24 x 30 cm
Year, Location1987 ?
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  • inim
    Ja, jetzt ist es besser, schönes Bild, gefällt mir sehr, viele grüsse mini