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CarouselTropezKarusellthe film

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    Uploaded by Udo Rein

    in context of the film and video installation, carousel tropez orginated the master piece of the upcoming exhibition in "Lavoir Vasserot" St. Tropez (France)2012
    "carousel tropez", oil, acrylic and collage on panel.

    "nothing seems to be - like it is".....

Titlecarousel tropez
Material, Techniqueoil, acrylic and collage on panel
Dimension 150x150cm
Year, Location2012 / St. Tropez
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  • Gaby Bertram
    Gaby Bertram
    Das gefällt mir richtig gut :-)
  • Gast , 2
    ... Gutes kommt auch ohne Worte aus
  • heinrich
    Gute Bilder hier
    und keine Kommentare...

    Vielleicht soll es so sein...


    Ohne Worte...