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Polychromos, Gollage, Photoshop, Tusche, Zeichnungen


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    Uploaded by Aries Lyra

    I know it sounds a little strange
    but it will never be the same
    It’s like being locked up in a cage
    It will never be the same
    Nothing’s lost but I feel shamed
    and there ain’t no one here to blame
    well, do you even know my name
    I was right there when you came
    It will never be the same

TitleNever be the Same
Material, TechniquePolychromos Gollage PS Tusche
Dimension DINA4
Year, Location2012
Info805 1 2 4 by 6 - 1 Vote
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  • Gast , 1
    Sieht aus wie G-Dragon. Deine Bilder sind der Hammer!!!