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Malerei, Landschaften

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    Uploaded by Slav Nedev in Topographies (2011 - ongoing)

    The Topographies series is about the relationship between man and nature. They explore how people have adapted their life, activity, homes and community to a terrain that results from hundreds of thousands formation years. There is nothing casual in a terrain. Every curve, slope, form has been shaped gradually by the natural forces. And the people need to conform to these features while simultaneously trying to change or overcome them – a never ending process, resulting in constant changes in the picture. The terrain offers us place for our life and we people should be aware of how we interact with it.

TitleZoom in: Ilindentsi 2
Material, TechniqueOil on canvas
Dimension 50x60 cm
Year, Location 2012, Ilindentsi, Bulgarien
Price Purchase
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