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Abstrakt, Natur, Malerei, Acrylmalerei


TitleLandscape abstraction (after visiting Ireland -the Burren)
Material, TechniqueAcrylic paint on canvas
Dimension 100 x 120
Year, Location2005 Amersfoort
Info844 3 1 2
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  • Anne Marie Göldi
    Anne Marie Göldi
    Heute noch im Traum und morgen vielleicht schon Wirklichkeit. Ein Dorf in den Wolken, eine Stadt in der Unendlichkeit.
    lg Anne Marie
  • Gast , 2
    it's dramatic, it feels like a giant snowball is going to roll over that fog shrouded village

    beautifully executed work
  • Gast , 1
    I specially like this one. Though strongly reduced, there´s so much tension here. I can almost see the "snowball" moving. I´d love to see the original painting, imagining what´s behind the fog.