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Tusche, Mixed, Abstrakt, Malerei, Kind, It


TitleLooks like a strange kind of animal -but it isn't
Material, Techniquemixed media
Dimension 50 x 60
Year, Location2004 Amersfoort
Info945 9
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  • Bart van Oijen
    Bart van Oijen
    @ Barbara: What a surprise! We are making the same kind of work now and then. I can imagine that you immediately thought that you were seeing your own work! It looks great. Let's see if we can manage that again...
  • sonadora
    a drunken spider, tangled up in her own net?
    ...strange... I like it :)
  • Gast , 7
    irre, beim ansehen deiner herrlich zartverwirrenden abstraktion hatte ich unvermittelt dieses vor augen:
    der kleine zündstein

    spannendes objekt, dass sehr lebendig wirkt und wohl auch deshalb gefangen nimmt :-)
  • Andrea Zahradnik
    Andrea Zahradnik
    5 stars... fluffy and looking like a sleeping cat...
  • mikajo
    Kuschellig...... ein Toupet? Oder eine Raupe....wer weisst? Abstrakter Kunst lässt alle Tür und Fenster offen...... es ist so, oder?
  • Gast , 4
    it looks indeed like a cat that was "treated" by a lawn :)
    but now seriously speaking, it's a fabulous picture..I have a feeling that it is about complex emotions and thoughts that became totally tangled together, a bit of anger and some hope too

  • Gast , 3
    indeed bart, looks like a burned out cat that sticks out his tongue ;) greetz andee
  • gabriele hitrik
    gabriele hitrik
    oijen, gefällt mir very good, erinnert mich irgendwie an eine spinne, spiderman?
    lg g.
  • paola
    aah... find ich sehr gut.