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Schal, Destiny, Rot, Entscheidung, Malerei,


  • Uploaded by Siedlova on 08/13/2016

    Concert hall where Nemesis, in velvet opera cape, is beginning

    Her recitative: it is your turn to go slowly now, with hands

    clasped behind your back, drowsy from the earth's sweet

    abundance and her great deprivations, the rows of crooked trees,

    the streets' bright monotony, and gather up the starving .

Title (Νέμεσις) "Nemesis".
Material, Technique Oil on Wood
Dimension 70 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm
Year, Location 2016
Price 1550 EUR sold
Info 936 2 13 6 by 6 - 6 Votes

Bisher: 526.331 Kunstwerke,  1.972.245 Kommentare,  328.905.791 Bilder-Aufrufe
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