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    Uploaded by El Scorcho in "Der Planet der lebenden Kotze" on 06/25/2018

    Aus El Scorcho´s neuen Film "Dead Bodies Below The Floor", Teilbild/Drehbuchauszug-Szene 13:

    "... My mother was a member of the Old Salem´s Divine, the forebears of the Heaven's Gate Death Cult.

    The faithful were waiting to be launched by a sacred mothership, in the lee of a comet, to the constellation of Aldebaran... if the sun would stand in Virgo, just like planet Jupiter… with life nudes and tasty fried chickens.

    On July 29, 1958, the founding date of NASA, 78 members of the Old Salem´s Divine committed suicide on three continents at the same time.

    Meanwhile, my mom was temporarily in the asylum, claiming a patent for Ozark Mountain Canned Fresh Air.

    By the way, the prophesied spaceship never arrived on Earth, but on the day of the mass suicide, the shortwave noise signal Woodpecker was first recorded." ...

    Bild + Text: El Scorcho

Title"Ol´ Salem´s Divine"
Material, TechniqueMixed media on canvas
Dimension 160 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm
Year, Location2018
Price Purchase
Info184 2 1 2 6 by 6 - 1 Vote
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  • El Scorcho
    El Scorcho
    @A-Hatter Suicide by NSA.
  • A-Hatter
    Bist du verrückt? Ey, man ey, das sind hoch heilige Geheimnisse der NSA. Die werden dich dafür zerfetzen ... mindestens.
    ;) hatter