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Einhorn, Pferdeäpfel, Fee, Eule, Zeichnungen


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    Uploaded by Toni Greis on 10/14/2018

    I’d like to believe
    That unicorns do exist
    I’ll ride on their backs
    And fly into the clouds
    Where rainbows shine with glee
    As I wave my magic wand
    And turn everything around
    Into golden sprouts of happiness
    Love, and everything in between.

    But unicorns don’t exist
    And the world isn’t full of rainbows
    A magic wand can’t heal the pain
    Of an unrequited love affair
    There can never be assurance
    That happiness is eternal
    For the world is full of hatred
    And everything in between.

    Help me
    Unicorns cannot exist
    Tell me they aren’t real
    Stab me with words I hate to hear
    ‘Cause I’m afraid I’m starting to believe
    That the impossible could soon be real.
    (Razbliuto Jun 2015)

Material, TechniqueBlei 0,5mm B
Year, Location2018
Info266 7 3.7 by 6 - 6 Votes