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  • g1233
    @Evelyn Fleuster yes, i see it same.
  • Evelyn Fleuster
    Evelyn Fleuster
    @g1233 that´s the essence of art:expressing your individual way of seeing and feeling the world. you asked me in your poem and I answered - and my answers only can come out of that place. I don´t want to battle about right or wrong, because there is no right or wrong, only different ways of looking into the world...
  • g1233
    @Evelyn Fleuster no!!
    I' m sorry!! YOU ARE WRONG!
    Maybe for you its like that. But its JUST your kind of seeing.
    NOT M I N E
  • Evelyn Fleuster
    Evelyn Fleuster
    you can find the light always in yourself, trust it to be there! the outer world does hide it very deep sometimes and it will help to know, how your inner light feels, to recognize it also outside...
  • g1233
    I give you a poem. For your picture. Its a gift!

    You smiles to the bright
    Forces your life?
    Thats nice.
    I like, that you see the bright.
    You found your light?
    I like!

    So, i ask you
    How to do?
    Find the bright light?
    I dont know.
    Where to go.
    Go to the past?
    How to go there?
    There is no past to go.
    No light there...

    And now?
    Is there a präsent?
    Is there a light?
    You see the light?

    But the präsent is how long?
    One seconde?
    And how to find the light
    In one seconde?
    I also dont know...

    Just the future stays
    Maybe i find the light in future

    I dont know...
    So hold your
    Bright light.

    Your a lucky one.
    Have fun!!

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